1. Hi Richard,
    Was a member down in UT but glad to be back to WY. I live in Cody. Will look for missions in the future.

  2. Brian welcome back to Wyoming, please send me your email address to coyote_cds@yahoo.com so I can add you to our Mission Mailing List, as this is how we notify members in Wyoming of upcoming Missions. We also have a Wyoming Mission/Event Calendar located here


    This is a direct link to the Calendar and updated daily as to upcoming events and Honor missions for the Wyoming PGR

    Richard C0y0te Parks, Sr.
    State Captain

  3. Greeting Sir, been a member since 2014. I do work for the Cheyenne VA Medical Center and hopeful if my job permits, look forward to attend missions in the future.

  4. Thanks for letting me be part of the patriot guards and the chance to be part of the flag line today at the Elks club and I am proud of all of those who came out today

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2018 Testimonials

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