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Mother Hen
Sabrina Brown
Mother Hen
Member since 03-09-2014

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Robert Leroy Jenkins
Robert Leroy Jenkins - Nine Mile Falls, Washington
Joseph Q Taitingfong
Joseph Q Taitingfong - Vancouver, Washington
John Michael Barberi Sr.
Major John Michael Barberi Sr. - Bellingham, Washington
Gregory Rhynalds
Gregory Rhynalds - Maple Valley, Washington
VA Community Living Center Memorial Service
VA Community Living Center Memorial Service - Vancouver, Washington


  1. I am interested in getting involved. I do not ride a motorcycle. I hope that isn’t a disqualifier. I’m a 65-year old female, disabled vet (100%), medically retired from the USNAVY.
    I’d like to dedicate myself to helping out in whatever small way I can, and I’m doing it in the name of John S. McCain III, a true-blue American hero.

  2. Thank you for your service ma’am! No need to ride, we have several folks that drive cars/trucks (aka cages) to missions, and even some riders will drive when the weather is just not suitable for 2 wheels!!
    All you have to do is register on this site, then under the members tab click on subscribe to PGR Missions for the state that you reside in – that is all!! You’ll start receiving emails of upcoming missions.
    Thank you for joining! 🙂
    Mother Hen

  3. HOTH the next Jefferson County veteran memorial bell ringing ceremony will be conducted Ocober 20 at 1300 At the jefferson County Courthouse, 1820 Jefferson Street, Port Townsend, WA for more info call 1-360-301-5258

  4. I’m a 64yr young Harley rider,
    Retired D.A.V.,looking for riders around Tacoma,to join volunters
    Thank you for my acceptance.

  5. Hi there! Im in Vancouver WA, and a daily rider (yes, even in winter, except if there are ice sheets on the road!) hailing originally from the NYC metro area. I am also a disabled veteran (PTSD, a few other issues) starting as a Marine ROTC in 1999, before ending up hopping over into the Army after leaving college for financial reasons in 2001. I was discharged honorably as an NCO Sgt. due to medical circumstances and injuries sustained in 2003.

    I have a hard time finding other people to ride with, my wife works and my teenager isn’t old enough to ride anything but a dirtbike yet. I sincerely miss having a purpose outside of the house. I’ve already joined today. How would I go about signing up for missions? And how would I go about finding others in the area to pleasure ride with? Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Devin, welcome to our state!!! Please send an email to notify@pgrofwa.net and I can get you added to our statewide email distribution list. I can also direct you to our district captain that lives down that way, they do a lot of riding other than just for PGR!! Glad to have you on board!

  6. Hi Don! Welcome on board!!! please send an email to notify@pgrowa.net to be added to our statewide email distribution list – what area do you live in (Southwest, Greater Puget Sound, east of the mountains?) you don’t need to give a city!
    Glad to have you!

  7. Hello Mother Hen,
    Joined today and cannot wait to get involved. I just emailed the notify@pgrowa.net to be notified and have the state page saved.
    So excited to be part off the organization and to start giving back.

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