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David Westhorp
David Westhorp

Member since 07-09-2006

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Screaming Eagles Honor Flight
Screaming Eagles Honor Flight - MULTI-CITY, Tennessee
Kenneth R Duncan
Kenneth R Duncan - Munford, Tennessee
William Jerry Russom
William Jerry Russom - MULTI-CITY, Tennessee
Jose Antonio Rivera, Jr.
Jose Antonio Rivera, Jr. - Clarksville, Tennessee
Rikki D. Reece
Rikki D. Reece - Hendersonville, Tennessee
John Mueller
John Mueller - Pleasant View, Tennessee


  1. Hi! I am Darrell “Chaser” Vance. I am a Ride Cpt of many in the Clarksville & Ft. Campbell Region. If you have any questions, you can contact me @ 931-802-4558 or my email @ mr.darrell.vance@vancefmly.net. If you are new, Welcome! If we haven’t seen you on a mission for some time now, come on back and lets honor our fellow Veterans/Heros.

    Clarksville & Ft. Campbell Region does have a Facebook page. Follow here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/645210472161106/

    Hope to meet you all on the next mission.

  2. I’m new to the Morristown area. I was fairly active in the Radcliff, KY area before moving. Hope to be able to ride some missions here in East Tennessee.

    1. Rick
      I know your on the FB page. I am a Ride Capt. in your area, if there is anyway I can assist you please let me know. You can PM me on the page and I will get you all my contact info.
      Eddy Pyles

  3. Live in Winchester TN. And I am interested in PGR Rides in the 16 counties of the U.S. 4th Congressional District (Winchester is in the center, so it’s a convenient AOR boundary).


  4. I’m an Army Retired SFC and Disabled Veteran. Currently a member of White Lighting HD in Chattanooga. Would like to get some info on how to become a member of the Chapter here in Chattanooga. Thank you.

    1. Mr. Humphries, You just go on to the Patriot Guard Riders site and join up, it will get your location and you will get e-mails for missions in your area and on your first mission just talk to your ride Capt. if you have any questions I know he will be more then happy to help you out in any way. We have the best ride Captins out there. I joined the PGR here in the Myrtle Beach area, back in 2007 and Love everything we do and believe me you will not only be doing good for the people that you Honor but you will feel great about doing it. Listen for the Rumble.

    1. I live in Bethpage, just inside Trousdale County, and ride with the PG. I recently moved here from Murfreesboro.

  5. ok my fellow veterans and ladies ,, I would like to get this started in the Chattanooga area , I have a lot of veteran friends on Facebook that are involved with this club and absolutely loves it.. as a veteran I want to give back with love and honor those who have fallen, ok back on task with that said can we call for a meeting somewhere, a meet and greet shacking hands hugs a come together ,, or a list of contacts to call , 4233220707 call me any time lol. name is Robert Gerwig. I really like to get us together ,

  6. Ashbel, if you haven’t got in touch with someone from Chattanooga let me know I’ll get you in with an rc in that area and Ricky if u woul like to join let me know

  7. I’m new in the area, Chattanooga. I’ve been Patriot Guard for over 8 years now. Looking to find the other riders in this area.
    Right now I’m planning on heading up to the Veterans Day parade on the 10th. I’ll probably head out of here around 6:30am on Saturday.
    Anyone interested in riding out?

  8. I am new to PGR and live in Murfreesboro TN… I ride a Harley Road King and would like to meet others in the area and get involved and ride with the Patriot Group here in middle Tennessee… I am a Vietnam area vet from 1964-1971 (active duty and active reserve time)


  9. This is William Bane i live in Carthage Tn & it would be aHonor to ride with the Patriot Guard i am a Veteran my self & would like to give back to those who has Failen. Thank You & God Bless Ya’ll

  10. Hello Fellow Patriots. My name is Randall (Pappy) Smith and I live in Loudon, TN, just SW of Knoxville. Would like to assist in honoring our heroes in the east Tennessee area within a 150+/- mile radius of Loudon, or just meet up and go for a ride…decent weather permitting.

    1. We are just down the road in Tellico Plains.. Right off Cherohala.. Let us know when you want to ride, both wife and I have our own bikes and have been PGR members since 2010; 407-301-5267

  11. Moved from Illnois where I was active member. Currently reside in Kingsport Tennessee now. Any active group in the area?

  12. Hi. I am Howard Whitehead. I am a 60 y/o SSgt, USMC (77-92). I have lived in The Boro for a little over 6 months and just joined the PGR today. With family and work obligations, I don’t know how much I can participate, but I’ll do what I can.

    Semper Fi!

  13. Hello all……was a member in the Charlottesville, VA area but now living in Maryville, TN. Looking to rejoin the PG, is their an area POC I can reach out to?

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