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Oklahoma State Captain
Randy Gilreath
Randy Gilreath
Member since 07-29-2009

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  1. Hey Randy. How would I go about getting an honor miss on set up and food friend and co-worker army vet passed yesterday morning he lost his battle with cancer. Very suddenly. His wife is trying to figure out funeral arrangements. We when and where. He was a vet so I think he needs a good send off. His wife has told me if I could organize this it would be great. But I need a little guidance. Thanks a ton

  2. Robert, Have received your request from the National site. You will be contacted for more info as soon as a Ride Captain accepts the mission. Thank you for requesting the PGR,

    Don ‘ape’ Serner, DSC for Randy G.

  3. Randall, my name is Charles Erwin. I joined a couple months ago. I do not have a motor cycle but am interested in being involved with PGR. I would like to know if you hold monthly meetings or meet occasionally and if I could attend a meeting. I did not receive a membership card and would like to know if I need to purchase that and what other items I need to wear to funerals or meetings. I am proud to be a member and look forward to meeting other members. My email is: chucke1055@aol.com and cell phone number is: 405-830-8685. Look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you
    Charles Erwin

  4. Charles,

    Sorry for the delay but these messages take forever to show up on National Site.

    No particular clothes to wear, most wear jeans and shirt. Most wear a vest but not required. Just remember you are at a funeral. Some offensive patches might get covered over once in a while with duct tape.

    Honor and respect are our main issues. We don’t have meetings or dues, etc… we are NOT a club.

    Watch mission posts and attend when and were you can.Staging date, time, and location is posted in mission notices.

    Show up and find RCIC (also listed in posting). That is Ride Capatain In Charge – for that mission.
    or just wait until briefing and they will ask for first time riders (includes cagers like you too).

    Thanks for joining us and helping to honor our Veterans.

    Need to go to Oklahoma State PGR web site – pgrofok.us to join for our local information also.
    You will ask to join and someone will get back to you soon.
    Also, easier if you provide your information to OK from what your user name email and such from National.

    Randy “Doo-Rag” Gilreath
    Oklahoma State Captain
    Patriot Guard Riders
    (405) 570-2346

  5. Randy
    I’m Brian Smith (Rhino). Retired Navy Chief. I recently got back to Oklahoma full time and now I’m wanting to support the cause. I have always believed it is out duty to show respect to our fallen brothern. I ride a 2016 Road Glide.

  6. Brian,
    Sorry for delayed response.

    Welcome back to Oklahoma and we can always use the help to show respect to our Veterans and their families.

    Please send an email directly to me and cc my Deputy State Captain Don Serner.
    We will help make sure you are set up on National and The Oklahoma Web sites.
    Then you will be able to commincate more effieciently and receive notice of missions.
    Please include ways to contact you and a general idea of where in Oklahom you now live.
    Thank You for joining the PGR and for your service.

    scokla@yahoo.com and dmxjdon@yahoo.com 405-570-2346

  7. Greetings Oklahoma Patriot Guard Riders. I just this morning learned about the PGR. I appreciste your mission and want to learn more bout how to participate in your mission. I am pleased to know that you have on your mission list, the honors for Corporal Claire Goldtrap. Semper Fidelis
    Danny Thomas

  8. Was very active with the PGR in Arizona. I’m back here now, and, am interested in getting involved again. Please contact me. Thanks!

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