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North Carolina State Captain
Richard Jewell
Richard Jewell

Member since 08-23-2007

Recent and Upcoming North Carolina Missions
See all North Carolina Missions
Lloyd Henry Edwards
Lloyd Henry Edwards - Indian Trail, North Carolina
Bruce Malcolm Tunstall
Bruce Malcolm Tunstall - Durham, North Carolina
Tyrek Chavez Brown
Tyrek Chavez Brown - Morrisville, North Carolina
William Lanier Thompson, Jr.
William Lanier Thompson, Jr. - Elizabeth City, North Carolina
James Allen Slape
Franklin D. Miller
Franklin D. Miller - Elizabeth City, North Carolina
Tyrek Chavez Brown Beale
Tyrek Chavez Brown Beale - Aberdeen, North Carolina
Deployment of Local Troops
Deployment of Local Troops - Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Sparta Memorial Service And Parade
Sparta Memorial Service And Parade - Sparta, North Carolina


    1. David, there are no requirements to purchase gear, but for those members that wish to do so, at the top of the screen is a small menu with a link to the store. PGR members should always log in to the main site (here) then access the store through that menu option.

  1. Is there a wY to see missions or events beyond july 11th? New to group and excited to show respect to veterans and thier families.

    1. The State page shows missions for the last week, and upcoming missions for the next week. Clicking the link that says See All North Carolina Missions will show you all currently scheduled mission for the month, and allow you to see other months as well. However, the reason you are only seeing through the 11th is that there are currently no missions scheduled in North Carolina beyond that date. New missions will show up as they are scheduled.

  2. I’ve been a member for many years and haven’t been active for the later part. Well I’m back and retired now and will be able to stand for those who stood for us. And to Tina, you motivated me by being part of the PGR in Salisbury and know without a doubt you will be a strong asset for the PGR.
    Semper Fi to the Few and Ya’ll keep the Faith/Skidog

    1. i have be out with prostate cancer back in april. had to have surgery. now i hope i can get back rideing a gain with all of you .tommy sparrow

  3. Wilmington,NC is holding their annual Veterans Day Parade on Saturday November 10,2018. Are there any PGR members planning to participate?
    If so, where and when are you meeting up to go to the parade? I would like to participate with other PGR members.

  4. Rich, tried to post Buchanan mission on National, apparently they have take me off the list to be able to post to them as the icon isn’t on my PGR national page. Would you ask them AGAIN to give me permission to post on National. Thanks for ALL you do!

  5. I just joined tonight and I am reading over everything and was wondering how we know where or when to meet thank you so much

  6. I just joined and am excited to be a member. I presently work in Okinawa, Japan for the USO… I will be coming home in 2020, after I retire. I look forward to actively participate in our events when I return. Thank you so much.

  7. Long time member, live in North Carolina but limited to the missions I can support as I’m still working full time. Looking to get more involved and hoping the missions can be emailed. This is a great web page and the calendar does help



  8. Hello to all. Just wondering how I might update my personal info on my profile (when I created my log-in). I travel a lot (especially between NC and Va) …and to “parts unknown” sometimes. So I’m happy to show respect and support PGR efforts, when and where I can, no matter where I might be at the time. Actually rode with PGR at a few funeral services in Texas and Oklahoma back in 2006-07. For the time being I’m between Rockingham County, NC and Salem, Va a lot every week…for now.
    Anyone planning on attending Rolling Thunder in Wash., DC this year? I was told 2019 would be the last year for the National event. From what I understood, the individual chapters (in each state) will still be hosting events within their own regions.

  9. Hello all,
    I’ve been a member for a while but havent been active and I’m truly sorry, but, I’m ready to stand for those who can’t. Thank you everyone who take part in this group. GOD bless and have a great day

  10. My wife and I are members for years but due to my overseas work, we have not participated in a while. I recently requested support for a long time neighbor/friend and decorated Army Helicopter Pilot, CW4 (ret) Cecil Wilt who passed over the weekend. His funeral service is scheduled for 16 May 19, 1000hrs at the Sandhills Veterans Cemetery, Spring Lake, NC. Please watch for mission notifications. I am deployed so ask you, my fellow members, to stand in my place for this fine American Hero. May God bless each and everyone of you and my what the PGR represents give Him all the Glory.

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