1. Hello, Craig,

    Wondering if there is a PGR unit near Farmington MN. I live in Farmington?

    Mostly I have been present with SE Metro at Fort Snelling National Cemetery.

    Thanks for the guidance, Craig,


    1. I live in Lakeville and if you ever find an answer to your question…please let me know. I just joined and there is not much information on the web minnesota web page. Thanks.

  2. Richard, sorry for the long delay. MN Leadership doesn’t use the National website much because of our state website.

    I believe Farmington is part of SE Metro or Rochester Sector, so if you sign up on the state website and out in your zip code, that assigns your sector.

    If you wish to get emails from other sectors, you can sign up with a zip code for this specific sectors as well.

    Although the simplest would be to check our state missions calendar for all state missions, and attend as you wish.

    I hope this helps.

  3. My Dad, a Korean War Vet is being buried at Ft. Snelling with full honors on October 26th @ 1:30. I’ve heard of your organization and I am in awe over what you do for families. How would I go about scheduling this for my Dads service?

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