1. I’ve been getting emails from missions but for some reason I’m not now. Could you please put me back on the email list.

    1. Jeff,
      You are still signed up for Iowa missions, they just don’t post many to National.

  2. I recently transferred to Iowa patriot guard from Louisville. I had inquire about an upcoming mission in Davenport. The Email I received had in red type that full finger gloves and long sleeve shirt was required. I don’t have either of these items and was wondering if that would disqualify me from participating.

  3. Jeff it may have been that mission was going to Rock Island Armory. In order to enter the military base All Safety Equipment Required (Helmet, Boots, Long Sleeves, Full Finger Gloves). If you would like to receive IA mission notices, Email me at iapgrmissions@gmail.com

  4. Yes it would if the mission was an escort to rock island cemetery. The base requires helmet, full fingered gloves any kind, long sleave,(any long sleaves) and over ankle boots

    1. The “automated” state page is based on the state in your profile. Other state pages can be reached by going to About Us -> State & Regional Leadership.

  5. For some reason I go to Iowa Missions and it shows nothing?? I know their have been missions that I have missed because I can’t see them. What is wrong?

  6. I haven’t received notices in months and there were no activities listed on the state page since at least July, but I know there have been some activities. What’s going on?

  7. We post missions in two locations. There is an Iowa PGR Facebook page and there is a mission calendar as well. The link to the mission calendar is https://teamup.com/ks8endxb5fnpu1jgkj. You can also download the app for both android and apple. For that there is no login required, just insert ks8endxb5fnpu1jgkj.

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