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Rich Biddlecome

Member since 03-02-2006
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Edward Francis Dunn - Redding, California
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John Allan Sprague - Grover Beach, California
Snowball Express 2018
Snowball Express - 2018 - LAX - Part 1 - El Segundo, California
Fred A. “Derf” Johnson
Fred A. "Derf" Johnson - MULTI-CITY, California
Snowball Express 2018
Snowball Express - 2018 - LAX - Part 1 - El Segundo, California
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Florentino Ranjel
Florentino Ranjel - Visalia, California


  1. Would like info on doing my part and supporting the PGR and becoming an active member. I ride and I’m a Vet In the Sacramento area.

  2. Thank you for your interest! Keith, here’s what I would recommend. Go to Members -> Subscribe to Missions and subscribe to California missions. Watch for one in your area, and simply show up. Introduce yourself to the Ride Captain in charge, and let him know you’re new. You can also email the California State Captain directly at casc@patriotguard.org.

  3. Hello!:) I initially joined as a member in 2009 and I’ve been awol for a while due to work and family commitments. However; I am now retired and ready to ride again. I live in the West Riverside area of Southern California.

  4. I’ve been watching event postings of some my ridin’ buddies and decided to get involved in honoring others. I served 6 years in the USAF, 26 in law enforcement. Look forward to meeting others who appreciate the sacrifices made.

  5. New member, I live in Simi Valley and am a member of the American Legion Post 484 and Chapter 484 American Legion Riders.
    US Navy bet 1960-1966 USS SAINT PAUL CA-73. DOB 10/26/1943 Retired.

  6. Hello PGR!,

    I joined on the recommendation of a fellow HOG Member. I love America and anyone that helps us be the greatest country that has ever existed.

    I live in Los Angeles near Westwood, and would be honored to ride on any missions.



  7. I am a Golden Gate hog member and have enjoyed doing support the troop type rides. I look forward to doing more rides with PG in the Bay Area.

  8. I am a proud new member in the San Gabriel Valley. I support our Military 100% and looking to give back. I look forward to helping the PGR wherever and whenever I can.

  9. I am an Afghanistan (US Army) veteran and love motorcycles. I live in the Sacramento area, but I’m able to attend events throughout NorCal.

  10. Hello everyone, new member here. I live in Riverside, near Corona/Norco. I’m a veteran and a rider. I work full time, but whenever I can, I am happy to help as needed. I work Saturday-Monday, so I am available during the week. Thank you all in advance for any guidance provided to assist me with helping the mission.

  11. I am a proud Member since 2017 and a RCIT From SWWA Down in Merced Area going to school for some time . Would love to Continue to do missions for are Hero’s while I’m here. Please have the District captain Contact me so I can start riding missions in my area . Text is preferable not good phone service in my area ! E-Mail donaldgagnon30@yahoo.com. May Gods Blessings Be with You All 🙏

  12. New Member, looking forward to giving back. Located in Westminster/ HB area, from Texas, used to long rides , great purpose. 47 yrs riding.

  13. Hello to all. New to Sacramento. Was with the PGR in Fort Worth, TX for the past 10 years. Will be seeing you at area missions. “BC”

  14. Greetings and welcome to all the new members of the Patriot Guard. It’s a great nation we have and it because of people like you.
    Ride safe!

  15. New member, live in Pleasanton and at 70 have decided it is time to use my love of riding for something other or in conjunction with my own pleasure. Four years in the Navy, 19 in law enforcement, and 16 teaching 2nd grade. 2nd grade was great but now I look forward to spending time with conversations that have complete sentences. I have been known to ride to LA or Reno for coffee, so hopefully I can show up where needed.

  16. Greetings, Thank you for allowing me to be a member of PGR. I would like to pay my respects to the real heros. Live in Anahiem area. Looking forward to doing my part whenever I can.

  17. New Member, Gold Star Mom Debbie of PFC Keith M Williams KIA 7-24-2014 Age 19 and I have a special place in my heart for those who proudly hold the Flag and show respect to our Heroes and their Families. I work as a NP but will try to be available when I can. I don’t own or plan on getting a motorcycle, but I drive my sons “Freedom Isn’t Free” Truck which thanks Veterans and those actively serving.

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